Project Overview

JN - Joshua Newell is a personal branding project that was created to help me become more distinguishable as a UI/UX Designer, with over four years experience in the field I thought 2018 was the perfect time to get the ball rolling with my personal branding.

The Challenge

The challenge during the whole process was to really identify what style of monogram or anagram I wanted. I was dead set on moving forward with a modern feel monogram however after reaching out to logo/branding groups via Facebook it was clear that it looked better in an Anagram. Combining my initials JN was a lot easier than I originally thought, with some quick sketches on the iPad it was time to turn it into a vector.

Mood Boarding

Understanding the feel/style that I wanted to go with was the most challenging part, unclear on what I like made it really difficult to start therefore I had to take to Dribbble and Behance to find examples of the stuff that I liked. It was then up to me to replicate similar styles with my own feel on them to create the perfect anagram.

Final Design

The final design is something i’m particularly happy with - I’m not really a branding expert nor claim to be therefore anything that gets completed in vector format is a plus as I wouldn’t call myself an Adobe Illustrator expert by all means. After sketching for a while and several concepts later we have the final design, which is presented below.