Project Overview

Halfords was a freelance in-house contract role based in Redditch, United Kingdom. They’re a British retailer of car parts, car enhancements, camping and touring equipment and bicycles - winning multiple awards throughout the last two years including ‘the UK’s largest kids bike retailer’.

The Challenge

Mood Boarding

Starting with a mood board help guide the feeling of the UI’s. It was a way of visualising the key elements of modern designs that would help connect with the desired target audiences. It was important to place a bunch of images together in order to help convey the ultimate goal of the challenge (attraction and ease of access) and to portray the key features of the interface.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

The ‘sketching’ process was all done digitally via an iPad Pro 12’9” and a Apple Pencil using a notes application. I drawed up alternate layouts to reimagine the different layouts based off the key features that were outlined in the mood boarding process. I then chose to focus solely on the aspects that directly impacted the view.

I was trying to think ‘outside of the box’ while minimising the reading fatigue for viewers of interest. I hoped to infuse a more playful and creative way of displaying the context of the information.

High Fidelity Wireframes

There was a handful of versions created for each interface that combined layout and colour combinations and alternations. Each design was presented clearly to the senior designer overlooking the design process with a clear explanation as to how and why the decisions were made.

Final Design

The final designs moving forward would be decided by the senior designer who was overseeing the projects - before handing it over to the digital content & design manager. My contract finished and was on the understanding that my designs would be added into the pipeline of changes over the next couple of months once they’ve been approved by the several department managers.