Project Overview

After being a designer for multiple years I’ve never really shared my work outside of the company that it was for - I tried previously when I first started to get drafted for Dribbble and it never really went how I planned, I got turned down by everybody I asked or blatantly ignored. A good kicking to the confidence and a year later, I feel as though I’ve stepped up and earned my place on the court - so this is my first shot at the hoop, big thank you to Dani Pucz.

The Challenge

The challenge was my overall skill and putting it all together in a way to showcase it to a possible player who would then be able to draft me. I compiled several pieces of work and then showcased them in a basic way using Google Drive to help the player cipher through the files with ease to identify my level of skill and from there they could identify whether my work was a good fit for Dribbble or not.

Mood Boarding

When you first sign up for Dribbble, you’re warned that your first shot really is your first shot so if you upload a piece and then later delete it or update it then it will be removed from the list of first shots. I felt it was necessary to find a bunch of inspirational mood boards and then design around these with my line of creativity.

Final Design

The final design was done using Adobe Photoshop and I couldn’t be happier. It helps justify my title as a UI/UX Designer with a spice of miscellaneous design - I used the browser type theme and a simple but yet modern style to help showcase my style of work.